Guidance: Scouting Minibus Permits

A timely reminder of advice from The Scout Association regarding Minibus Permits. Graeme Watt, Bedford’s District Commissioner said today,
“I have spoken to HQ today, and where a Group and Explorer Unit are sharing a vehicle, it should be included in the partnership agreement and then it can be used with the Group permit.”

Scouting is all about having fun and adventure—and we endeavour to do this safely and securely.

Bedford District Scouts

Within Scouting there are three types of permit, Group, District, and County/Area.

The permit will vary with the type of event that the minibus is being used for.

District Events

In the case of a Scout Group using their minibus on a district event, a District permit will be required to carry district Scouts, in addition to their own Scouts who would be covered by their Group permit.

County Events

The same applies for County events where a County permit will be required for minibus use on a County activity.

The rules apply to all minibuses used whether they are owned, borrowed, or hired. These are the new rules from the Department for Transport.
If you require a proforma to apply for a permit go to Further information is below.

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